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                     Gangbang Party

                      Saturday, September 22nd  starting at 9:00pm  





Everyone Welcome, Petite rubenesque, lewd or discreet, demure or in heat, fem to butch, shy 
or bold Bony or Brawny,young or old, husky or skinny, quiet or loud flath chested or well endowed, 

Hairy or Bald, Short or tall.....At SLC, We Love You All!!! If you are an experienced gang-banger, 

Or just curious to experience a gang bang forthe first time, we invite you to come explore your fantasy 

with us weather you watch or join this is the fabulous event for you.

Everyone must be a paying member to attend this fabulous event. After your membership fee 
is paid you will be given the address of the party two nights before the party and the room 
number by 7pm the night of the party. Membership fee for single men $60.00, Couples 
30.00 and single females 5.00. Please click the contact us tab and e-mail us along with 
your phone number after you pay your member fee.  Please note that when you pay your 
membership fee your paypal invoice will say EBW group. Please be able to show that you 
paid either on your cell phone or bring your receipt. Couples and single females, please 
click on single men and the menu will drop down to give  you an option to pay as such. 
We can be reached at 708-465-7501. Please feel free to give us a call or e-mail us if 
you have any questions or comments. 











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